Selection results for Erasmus Mundus scholarships. 1st round

The selection round to study JMPMB with Erasmus Mundus scholarships is over!
See the results here.

109 applicants submitted the applications to study JMPMB with Erasmus Mundus scholarships.
See the results:

JMPMB 1st selection round. Eligibility and Assessment results. 08/04/2022.

49 applicants were invited for interview and here is the omination list

JMPMB 1st selection round. Interview results and nomination list. 21/04/2022.

Congratulations to 21 best candidateS! Those who are in the waiting list shall not be sad as we will offer several tuition fees discounts and partial scholarships in the 2nd selection round. More information will be announced soon.

22 Apr 2022