MScJoint Master programe in Marine Biotechnology

Spain, Valencia (ES) / Athens (GR) / Bucharest (RO) / Klaipeda (LT) / La Rochelle (FR) / Zadar (HR) / Cyprus (CY) / Rostock (DE) / Waterford (IE)
Tuition fee €9,000 per year

Non-EU citizens (except from N. Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey).
Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships are available.

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This joint Masters programme in Marine Biotechnology is an integrated multidisciplinary programme offered within the framework of one of the first transnational European universities. EU-CONEXUS Consortium consists of
- Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain (UCV) (Programme Coordinator University)
- La Rochelle Université, France (LRUniv)
- Agricultural University of Athens, Greece (AUA)
- Universitatea Tehnica de Constructii Bucuresti, Romania (UTCB)
- Klaipėdos Universitetas, Lithuania (KU)
- Sveučilište u Zadru, Croatia (UNIZD)
Associated Partners of the programme:
- Universität Rostock, Germany (UROS)
- South East Technological University (SETU)

The programme provides the student with a high-quality academic education, building professional competences in the area of marine biotechnology (also called blue biotechnology) and helping to address its global challenges.

It will ensure that students:

essential interdisciplinary training in key topics related to Marine Biotechnology;
opportunities to specialise within one of the four thematical tracks:
(1) Innovative Bioproducts for Future;
(2) Blue Biomass;
(3) Marine Biorefinery;
(4) Aquaculture Biotechnology;
a tailored study programme according to their aspirations via individual professional practice (internship), multidisciplinary work (academic research integration) and thesis work.
This Marine Biotechnology Masters gives the student multiple travel options within the alliance.

Students are integrated into a multicultural study group and a professional network, offering an immersive system of project-based learning in the ‘real world’ economy.

The best students can receive Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships to cover their tuition and living costs.

Programme structure

The Joint Master programme in Marine Biotechnology is a 2-years full time study programme, taught in English and awarding a joint diploma, Master of Science in Marine Biotechnology (or equivalent), organised as followed:

The student enrolled in the programme has a mandatory mobility among the universities of the Consortium with a full academic acknowledgement of the credits acquired. During the two years of the programme, the student must study in at least two universities (different than the country of residence at the enrolment stage) of the Consortium.

The study organisation/mobility scheme:
1st semester - UCV, Spain
2nd semester - LRUniv, France.
Internship at the end of the 2nd semester may be carried at any company in any country
3rd semester – All Consortium universities according to the chosen track by the student in order to carry out his/her ARI; the elective courses will be taught online
4th semester – All Consortium universities and Associated Partner and other universities according to the chosen Master’s thesis topic

Courses/content, duration and location can be found at the course catalogue: www.eu-conexus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Annex-7.-SER.-ECTS-Course-Catalogue.pdf

Career opportunities

In 2016, the Blue Economy provided 3.48 million jobs in the EU and the average wage increased by 14.2%.

The EU-CONEXUS countries represent more than 50% of the EU`s Blue Jobs.

You will be able to assist companies in:

- the health, cosmetics and agri-food sectors to reach new markets and segments;
- the manufacturing of new functional products from marine resources;
- the various uses of Biotechnology to the aquaculture sector such as : managing advanced breeding programmes, estimating significant diseases of aquatic organisms, modifying the metabolism of molecules in living organisms and support modern research for practical aquaculture development and seafood processing.

Apply now! Academic year
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024
Apply now! Academic year
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024
Apply now! Academic year
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024
Apply now! Academic year
Application period has ended
Studies commence
9 Sept 2024
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